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WorkDesk View don't show thumb

Question asked by 7joeblack8 on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by deko

i tried combined and Thumbnail view in the search plugin, with pdf and jpg docs, it shows broken link image.

Maibe my plugin url attempt is incorrect..

i tried:

<javascript><ThumbnailType displayname="Small" width="100" height="150" url="{baseurl}getthumbnail?dmsid={dmsid}" />
            <ThumbnailType displayname="Medium" width="160" height="240" url="{baseurl}designs/default41/images/OwObjectListView/nothumbnail.png" />
            <ThumbnailType displayname="Big" width="300" height="450" url="{baseurl}designs/default41/images/OwObjectListView/nothumbnail.png" />

I'm passing him wrong info?