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use NAS like repository and email configuration

Question asked by hombrezuelo on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by mrogers
Hi brothers and sisters. I´m running Alfresco Version: Community - v4.2.0 (r54676-b4795)over centos 6.4 and I´d like to use my NAS like storage for alfresco data, I already modify the file in this line: stoping alfresco, tomcat, and postgresql to change the settings


And then start up again alfresco, tomcat, and postgresql

That mount point is a share folder on my NAS, Is there anything else that I´m forgetting to do? because I already added files and created folders and nothing happened. I tryed to rename the folder in /opt/alfresco-4.2.d/alf_data to alf_data_old to proof that the change was suscefull. But doesn´t works. Alfresco doesn´t starts. I returned the original name to alf_data. and It works.

Also when I tryed to open the admin console to configure the email section


I got this:

the Web Script /alfresco/service/enterprise/admin/admin-directorymanagement has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found.

404 Description:   Requested resource is not available.

Message:   09020018 Script url /enterprise/admin/admin-directorymanagement does not map to a Web Script.

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.