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File upload on IE8 doesn't return errors

Question asked by abarisone on Apr 5, 2013
Hi all,
I'm writing about an odd behaviour of IE8 when executing and Java-backed upload webscript.
The scenario is:
1) an Alfresco repository
2) a Java-backed upload webscript, which description file has
<format default="html">extension</format>

3) ExtJS as front-end.

When I perform an upload using IE and I get an error, due for example to a "Duplicate child name not allowed", I get the error but I don't get the status parameters I set into the webscript.
I searched a lot among blogs, sites and so on and the majority of them says that for some reason IE need the response header to be explicitly set to "text/html" in order to have response.responseText variable correctly set.
In fact on IE I get this variable always empty, whereas on FF everything works fine.

My question is: how can I set header into my webscript and has someone encountered this situation before?

Thanks a lot to everybody.