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Alfresco automatically unlock documents

Question asked by glio82 on Jul 6, 2016
Hello to everyone,
I'm a newbe user in Alfresco, so I'm sorry in advance if this behaviour is already analized and maybe is a standard for Alfresco environemnt.
Since of our system installation I've found (for me) a strange behaviour of my Alfresco 5.0.d environment.
I'm using a very large table file (excel) shared with my colleague where each of us write a section or a sheet of document.
If I open the file through "Edit online" after 10/15 minutes the system automatically unlock the document, even if I'm already working in this file. The really issue is that my colleague can open the same document and when I try to save it on the original position, I receive a warning that the file is open by other user.
Could you help me to understand if is a normal behaviour? I've noted this behaviour not only with excel documents, but with all documents that we could edit online. It is normal that Alfresco Share unlock the documents automatically after a time period?
Thanks in advance for your precious help.