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Using an Existing MySQL database

Question asked by rameshj03 on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by rameshj03
Hi All,

I downloaded and installed a free version of Alfresco 4.1 Also I have replaced PostgreSQL to MySQL 5.6 database (separate repository). I have configured for LDAP Auth and Sync. It is working fine.

However when I re-installed the same Alfresco version and tried to connect with the same existing repository (I want to use all the data in existing MySQL database), I am getting the error message "CONTENT INTEGRITY ERROR: System content not found in content store."

Is it possible to just direct to existing MySQL database by configuring path values in alfresco-global properties file? Or I should do back up all content related data and create a new empty database and restore old content whenever I re-install/install a new version?

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