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Unable to automatically mount shared drive on boot (Mac)

Question asked by joshb on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by joshb
I am trying to automatically mount a shared drive pointing to Webdav on a Yosemite mac. I am correctly able to connect, access Webdav, and copy files into the repository. I am also able to set the shared drive as a login item.

The problem comes when I reboot, it delivers an error. When I read the console, it says: "webdavfs_agent: Webdav FS authentication credentials are being sent insecurely to: http://address", then "webdavfs_agent: network_mount: network_stat returned error 2". I am still able to connect by clicking "connect to server" then selecting the saved connection, I do not have to reinput credentials or change the address in any way.

Any ideas what is going wrong? Replacing http with https does not allow me to connect at all.