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Removing user from a site when they had contributor priviledges

Question asked by sem on Apr 11, 2013
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Quick question - I want to set up a site that is available to all users as Consumer - it'll contain documents that everyone needs to be able to see and download.  Let's say a group of 6 users will be responsible for adding content to this site's document library.  So I add these users as members of the site.  They can upload no problem.

However, if one of the users (in the real world) changes their job so needs to be able to access this site as a consumer but no longer a contributor, in tests, if I remove them from the site as a member, they still have permission to modify any of the documents they uploaded when they were a contributor.  What's the best way of changing this please?  Or is there a better way for me to approach things?

Thanks.  I'm testing the 4.2.d (nightly 29/03/13) build.