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High consume CPU in Amazon EC2

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 12, 2013
Hi all

We have installed our Alfresco 3.0 configuration in a m1.small instance of Alfresco EC2 (Linux Ubuntu). This kind of cloud instances has 1,87GB RAM and 160 GB HDD.

We have installed in there an Apache Server and our Alfresco 3.0 with MySQL5 (Alfresco running under Tomcat6).

The problem we are finding is that Alfresco is really really slow in this configuration, and we could see that MySQL takes almost 45% of the CPU when we log in Alfresco and just try to open a single space from the root.

Alfresco MySQL db is arround 750MB size.

Any idea how we can get this performace improved?, anyone that moved alfresco to this kind of instances in Amazon EC2 previously found this situation?

Thanks a lot