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Docs4ECM Beta released

Question asked by ivan.plestina on Apr 12, 2013

I wanted to share this with Alfresco Community. We have just released a new application for document input management and we support Alfresco and other CMIS repositories.

Docs4ECM is a Windows application that provides scanning capabilities using TWAIN compatible scanners. Docs4ECM also installs as a virtual printer so that you can easily print documents from any application. We can also import files from file system using watch folders functionality or just drag & drop them into application. You can also import emails from Outlook or Lotus Notes and choose whether you want to import entire email, only particular attachments, etc.

Once documents are in application you can split or merge them, preview their contents, manipulate images. Once document is prepared, input it's metadata and publish it to Alfresco or other supported ECM repositories.

Find out more on our <a href="">Docs4ECM Features</a> page and do not hesitate to try out the application by downloading the trial.

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Ivan Plestina
IT Sistemi - Nove tehnologije d.o.o.
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