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Cmis query result not up-to-date

Question asked by mundi on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by mundi

I have a query giving me all documents from a specific folder structure (including subfolders) and having
a specific number as aspect (which alocates it to a group).
The query works correctly.
There is also a possibilty to delete a document (it will simply be moved to a "trash" folder).
When I'm returning to the view showing me all documents, this "deleted" document is still shown nevertheless
it isn't anymore in the folder the query searchs in (with "IN_TREE"). Nevertheless after some time the document
isn't shown anymore by the query.

I guess there is a cache, saving the results and the query isn't executed anymore but the results are simply
taken from this cache therefore I added the command
before executing the query but this didn't solved the problem.

Does any one known why the moved document is still shown? Can anyone help me?