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multiple = true in share + file browser

Question asked by lpgc on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by taiko3615

Ive just started using Share and it seems a really handy tool to interact with Alfresco. Its really interesting to see how it renders the property controls from a custom model. For example in my model i have a datetime property and in share it renders a nice calendar and time selection control; makes things really easy!

The problem i found was how it deals with "multiple=true" property. For example i have this in my model:

  <property name="intra:attachment_title">
    <title>Attachment Title</title>
   <property name="intra:attachment_path">
    <title>Attachment Path</title>

In Share it just renders two text fields while in Alfresco it works fine allowing me to add multiple values.

The idea behind this is basically add a attachment title and attachment path click in a "add more" and keep on adding (as it works in Alfresco, but using Share).

Something ellse that i havent got even a clue of how to deal with is like a file browser where i can navigate throught my site files and folders and select an specific file and add the path to my "intra:attachment_path" property. The file would allready be there so theres no need to upload it, just need a string with the path (i wont mind doing the file upload from this form, really seems more handy, but what i really need is the file path as a string in intra:attachment_path).

Any help with this issue will be great.

Thanks :-)