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Web View Dashlet Broken in Recent Firefox and Chrome Builds

Question asked by tonyapuzzo on Oct 10, 2013
If you connect to Alfresco Share via HTTPS, the recent Firefox 23+ and Chrome 30+ builds break the Web View Dashlet due to their new enforcement of mixed-mode content blocking.

I’ve confirmed that the problem is rooted in the recent change to Google Chrome and Firefox, this new security measure was instituted in Firefox 23 and Chrome 30, released last month and earlier this week, respectively.

There is an easy work-around for Chrome, however, you have to make sure that Chrome is fully shut down before it will work:
1)   Close all chrome windows and make sure there is no Chrome icon in the system-tray
2)   Run task manager and ensure “chrome.exe” is not in the list of running programs (or just reboot and don’t launch Chrome.)
3)   Copy the Chrome shortcut icon to your desktop
4)   Edit the shortcut and add –allow-running-insecure-content to the command line (without quotes, see the screenshot below)
5)   Run Chrome using the new icon and connect to your site

Technical details:

Hopefully a better workaround will be coming soon either from the Browsers or from Alfresco.