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Webdav - Working in cleartext, not working in SSL

Question asked by slykens on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by slykens
Hello all -

I have an Alfresco 4.2d system that I've been contemplating replacing our basic Sharepoint server with but am struggling in getting Webdav to work properly over SSL.

I have a network scanner (Visioneer Netscan 4000) and Cyberduck (OSX Webdav client) that I have tested with - they both connect and work properly via cleartext http (port 80), however, they fail when attempting to access Alfresco Webdav via SSL (port 443).

Because of the nature of the data we are working with it may not be transported in cleartext over the Internet therefore SSL is a requirement.

It is important to note that SSL *does* work properly for Alfresco and Alfresco Share when accessed from a web browser and for Webdav when access from a web browser such as Safari.

I've captured the failing conversation in Wireshark and it appears that the server responds to the Client Hello with an ACK then a RST/ACK, closing the connection before any kind of negotiation can occur. I have enabled debug logging for the Webdav module but the connection appears to be dropped before it even gets to that module.

I'm hoping someone here has an idea what the error or problem might be.

Thank you.