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Question asked by jeffandcarrie on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by afaust
We have a custom content model with an text attribute wm:configAcctId.  When we perform a CMIS query that includes this attribute we see results as if it is being treated as a term.

if we query where  wm:configAcctId = '3301' we will see results where
wm:configAcctId == '3A3301'

The query we are issuing is this
SELECT cs.cmis:objectId, cs.cmis:contentStreamMimeType, cs.cmis:lastModificationDate, cs.cmis:contentStreamLength, cs.wm:docId, cs.wm:reportTitle, cs.wm:reportingLevel, cs.wm:reportType, cs.wm:reportCategory, cs.wm:reportAccountId, cs.wm:docLevel,cmd.wm:clientId, cs.wm:isExpressDelivery, cs.wm:lastInsiteDeliveryDate, cmd.wm:effectiveDate, cmd.wm:frequency, cmd.wm:renditionStatus FROM wm:report as cs join wm:common_metadata as cmd on cs.cmis:objectId = cmd.cmis:objectId where cs.wm:isInsiteEligible = true AND cs.wm:configAcctId = '"^3301"' AND cmd.wm:asOfDate = '201606' AND cmd.wm:frequency = 'Q' ORDER BY cs.wm:reportAccountId

Is there some way that we can force an exact match in the query?