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How to hide menu-options for specific content-type

Question asked by ravichandanani on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by ravichandanani

I have a custom content type(bm:mybook) and its folder , I want to hide options like "Manage-Rule" for that particular content-type. can anyone please help me to configure that in share.

currently I have added following code in share-config-custom.xml, and I have created Java evaluator which checks if the content-type is bm:mybook and it returns true or false, based on the result false it excludes options Manage-Rule from the folder menu-list in share.

<actionGroups evaluator="node-type">

<actionGroup id="folder-browse">
   <action index="170" id="folder-manage-rules" >


Evaluator code.

public class ExcludeMyBook extends BaseEvaluator{

   public boolean evaluate(JSONObject jsonObject) {
      String nodeType = getNodeType(jsonObject); 
         return false;
      return true;

is there any other way of configuring this easily.

Thanks in advance