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Testing user account alfresco CMIS if exist

Question asked by kameljahloug on Aug 1, 2016
I am working in a JavaEE project and i want simply see if the user ho logged in with a username and a password have an account in Alfresco, I user the getSession method but it doesn't return if the username and password are wrong (doesn't exist).

private static Session getSession(String serverUrl, String username, String password) {
    SessionFactory sessionFactory = SessionFactoryImpl.newInstance();
    Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>();
    params.put(SessionParameter.USER, username);
    params.put(SessionParameter.PASSWORD, password);
    params.put(SessionParameter.ATOMPUB_URL, serverUrl);
    params.put(SessionParameter.BINDING_TYPE, BindingType.ATOMPUB.value());
    List<Repository> repos = sessionFactory.getRepositories(params);
    if (repos.isEmpty()) {
        System.out.println(" repository doesn't exist ");
        throw new RuntimeException("Server has no repositories!");
    return repos.get(0).createSession();
Thank you