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Question asked by tytanix on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by tytanix
Hello! I have a question, how can I define properties for a custom type? Do i have to implement an aspect? Or can I declare properties for a type?

An example

      <!– Enterpriese-wide tipo di documento generico –>
      <type name="tr:doc">
         <title>Documento Trilogis</title>
            <association name="tr:relatedDocument">
               <title>Documenti Correlati</title>
      <type name="tr:trilogisoffer">
         <title>Documento Offerta Trilogis</title>
            <property name="tr:client">

I've declared properties for type "trilogisoffer", but the model isn't shown in alfresco. If i delete type "trilogisoffer" the model will be shown. Why?