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Mobile SDK OauthFragment + cloud connect

Question asked by boneill on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by boneill
Hi Guys,

I have registered an application on Alfresco Developers site.  I am trying to connect the Sample Mobile Android (Dashboard) app to my cloud account.  I do this by starting the Dashboard (sample) app in an Android emulator and then navigating via the ChooseServer Activity I click the Cloud button which launches the OauthActivity.  I can see from the code that it is instantiating a fragment called OAuthSampleAppFragment which should handle the Oauth authentication.  This class has the following constructor public OAuthSampleAppFragment(String oauthUrl, String apikey, String apiSecret).  I assume the app needs to pass in the Key and Secret from the app I have registered.  What value should be given to the oauthUrl parameter.  Is this the callback value.  Assuming it is the callback url, what value should I setup for this as the android app is running in an emulator so I dont understand how the android app can get a callback.  All of the examples shown for Oauth2 are for web applications, not mobile.

I would really appreciate some help with this as am very keen to get up to speed with android mobile sdk for alfresco and the mobile SDK looks like it is a great resource.