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Can Alfresco manage templates for structured content for websites

Question asked by asimakath on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by jpotts
I am trying to build a content repository for an e-commerce website for which a lot of content gets authored on a daily basis for creation of promotions, events, etc. The 'assets' that I want to create are not really 'documents', but rather structured content. For example, to create a 'Product Review' asset, I would like to provide the business user with a form to enter a headline (text), a teaser (text), an image URL, and repeatable sections with an optional section heading and paragraphs (limited rich-text). We are planning to expose the assets that gets created in the repository via a REST API for a 'page builder/manager' application that is used to build pages by selecting the presentation templates (HTML/CSS), and manage events to use this content on the customer-facing website. I am curious to know if I can create a hierarchy of asset class definitions to store, search and retrieve such assets using Alfresco Share. I cannot just go with the document management features of Alfresco as there is no 'content' or 'file' to be stored, but only structured 'content'.