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Share, Edit on Line is not working

Question asked by whygh on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by whygh
Hi all,

My company would like me to manage Alfresco project though I don't have experience in Linux,Alfresco and Tomcat. I installed Alfresco 4.2c in Ubuntu server. Everything looks working fine except "Edit Online" button so far. Sharepoint has been configured. I can test it by opening a word document which is from Alfresco Repository using office Word. I can edit and save the changes. However, When I tried to click button "Edit Online", nothing happened. I did the following things according to my search, nothing works. I have tested in Wondows 7 + office 2003 and Windows 7 + office 2010

1. apply fix accoring to the post:
2. upgrade to 4.2d

3. configure vti in

4. change basicAuthLevel to 2

Please shed a light.

Thank you a lot.