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AD/LDAP Authentication account creation without Sync

Question asked by sem on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by sem

Ive got 4.2.d nightly installed as a test and have LDAP (active directory) authentication enabled.  I'm currently using synchronization.authCreatePeopleOnLogin=true so that when a new user logs into Share for the first time, an account is created for them - we can then add users to groups as required.

Not using LDAP sync because the AD structure we have doesn't lend itself to DM roles and groups.

QUestion - right now, when an account is created, the username is set to the AD/Windows logon name fine.  The alfresco user then has the "firstname" set the same.  No other details (full name/ display name/ email etc) are populated.

Is it possible to do this without using a full LDAP sync?