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Only the owner can access (see, read, write) a document - with OpenCMIS

Question asked by juans on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by acervantes2018
I have a site with its documentLibrary folder (Sites/Client1_site/documentLibrary) and with a file1.txt in it.

How can I specify that this file1.txt is only accessible by its owner (user1) ? so when user2 (or any other user) goes into documentLibrary he can not see that file.

What I did in Share was: select the file -> Manage Permissions -> Turn off Permission Inheritance and then use Add User/Group button to add user1 as the only that can access that file. When I enter as user2 the file can not be seen.

I am accessing the Content Repository using OpenCMIS Apache Chemistry.

How can I do that with OpenCMIS ?