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Disable Automatic Syncing - Permanently?

Question asked by manifest0 on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by manifest0
Hi all,

As part of the workflow for the users of our Alfresco installation (artists) Desktop Sync needs to be able to synchronise with the repo on command (i.e., hitting "Sync Now"). It needs to be easy to use because otherwise some people won't do it and we'll miss out on versions of photoshop documents, which is bad for our disaster recovery process. However, Desktop Sync currently syncs files whenever a file changes, and this creates a new version on Alfresco. While this is the most frictionless solution, it means that whenever the artist hits Ctrl+S on their photoshop doc, a new file gets created on the server, which can be very large indeed. It's not out of the question that a 100MB .psd file gets saves every minute or so.

I realise I can get the artists to select "Pause Syncing" which will disable auto syncing, but as soon as they do a manual sync this option gets flipped and they have to manually pause syncing again. It's very possible that people will forget this and we'll end up with hundreds of versions of documents.

I'm simply asking - is there a way to permanently disable auto-syncing (via a config file, for example) or to stop 'Sync Now' from flipping the 'Pause Sync' status? I've decompiled the JAR and had a look around but didn't see much I could do with it.

We're so close to having an ideal solution for this - this is basically the last feature we need. Any help would be appreciated!