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Accessing Share from external application with Token

Question asked by enrico_it on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by enrico_it

I'd like to open share's document library from an external application, using an alfresco token (We work with alfresco 4.2d).
The external application uses Alfresco's webscripts for authentication.
From what I got from similar posts in the forum, Share doesn't understand the token passed as URL parameter.
If I didn't get wrong, I have the following possibilities:
1) Write a filter for share to read the token from the url, and configure it in the share-config-custom.xml
2) Get a SSO provider
3) enable SSO in Share and send login informations in header

The solution 2 is for me impossible, but solutions 1 and 3 looks would look quite promising.
Did I get it right, or am I missing something?

Thanks for the inputs!