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Favorites webscript not working

Question asked by kingkong on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by gawadesk
Hey everybody,

when programming against Alfresco I encountered a problem with the favorites function.

I'm using the following webscript:

Locally, it return all folders and documents that I marked as favorites. I'm using this information to display the favorites in another page.

Unfortunately, the web script is not working on a server. There are no errors or exceptions, but the script simply returns that there are no favorites (emtpy result set). Also the alfresco.log does not show any errors.
I also found out, that the MyFavorites dashlet of the native Alfresco version is not working for the server as it also does not show any favorited documents.
Locally, this again is working perfectly fine (http://localhost:8081/share/page/context/mine/myfiles#filter=favourites&page=1).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards