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Mounting CIFS share on a MAC

Question asked by prachi379 on Aug 9, 2016
I have always been able to access the CFIS drive on Windows but I am having some trouble mounting the Alfresco CIFS drive on MAC. I have read other posts on similar issues and apparently some users have managed to have this working on MAC without special tweaks, so I am at a loss as to why this won't work for me.

I have tried mounting the drive through Finder, which gives me the error "There was a problem connecting to the server The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported."

When I try to mount the drive w=using the wiki steps here -
mount_smbfs //<username>:<password> ~/mount_point     OR
mount_smbfs //<username>:<password> ~/mount_point

I get the error "No route to host".

In Windows, all I have to do is open a new File Explorer, type //ecm as the URL and I can access the drive. I must have this working on MAC and any ideas at all are much appreciated.

I am using Alfresco Community 5.1. My current CIFS settings in are -