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Alfresco using FTP Server

Question asked by luizaranha on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by luizaranha
Hello everbody,

I have a question using alfresco with an ftp server.

I already read through the documentation of alfresco, but was not sure where to start.

1st: I use an ftp-server called, where I already "installed 1 user called user1
     Is it possible to configure alfresco that the content managment is done on the platform of the ftpserver?
2nd: Where can I specifiy, that users can log in from another computer outside the network (using ftp)
3rd: Is there a step by step documentation for that? I only want to set up the ftp server and then work with the standard alfresco functionality.

My conditions:
Windows 7, alfresco 4.2 community Edition, ftpserver already setup on a fritzbox (dynDNS via NO-ip)

I would appreciate every help, thanks in advance.