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Disable Content Indexing for Alfresco 5.1 by default

Question asked by shahrukhk on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by slibert
Hi there,
I am using version 5.1 with SOLR4. What we want to achieve is that by default, the content indexing should be disabled and we only enable it for certain folders/spaces. Only the metadata needs to be indexed.

I know we have the "Index Control" aspect which can be applied to folders or documents and we can apply it as a rule.
Also we can disable it based on the content as suggested in some of the forums.

Our requirement however, is that this feature should be disabled for ALL the documents regardless of the type/aspect etc. and then enable it in very rare scenarios for some documents.

Please let me know in case any more information is required.

Warm Regards,