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External Auth and Sharepoint

Question asked by cyberjus on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by cyberjus
Does Sharepoint (VTI server) support the header based external auth as specified in the authentication chain? I have Alfresco and Share set up to do External SSO through OpenAM. All of that is working fine except for Sharepoint. It always asked for login even when I force the header to be set for a certain user.

I even tried to do
curl -v https://path:port/to/doc -H "SsoUserHeader: user"

and I still get 401 not authorized error. Any suggestions to make this work? Do i need to setup Passthru in parallel to external auth just for Sharepoint? I can configure OpenAm against Jetty, but I do not know how to edit the embedded Jetty server or what good that would do.