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How to modify the repositoryId related with Alfresco

Question asked by julioc on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by izan
If you access to the url: http://<IP>:<port>/alfresco/s/cmis/index.html, then, expanding the "CMIS Repository Information" you can see the "Repository Id" value. This value can be used to replicate information between servers.

I cloned the server. Currently, I have two servers: original server and cloned server. The cloned server has the same "repository id" value, therefore, if I try to do replication from original server to cloned server, Alfresco throws an error due to the same repository id in both servers.

Someone knows a way to modify the RepositoryId value? This is in order to indicate other value in the "repository id" field related with the cloned server and to do the replication between servers.