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login two alfresco server

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2013
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Hi all,

I have two alfresco servers.

My users should login both alfresco servers for some reasons.

However, when I login first alfresco server the second server will auto logout.

Is it about the cookies,sso or other reasons?
How can I login both alfresco?

For example:
I have two alfresco server with difference domain.
"alfresco server 1"
domain(example) =
"alfresco server 2"
domain(example) =

Because of some reasons users need to access both alfresco server.

I login to "alfresco server 1" then login "alfresco server 2".
When I go back "alfresco server 1" it will logout.

What I want to do is users can login both alfresco server without re-login when users have login to other alfresco server.