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eDrive 0.2.2 bug fix release available

Question asked by smcardle on Apr 22, 2013
<strong>eDrive</strong> 0.2.2 bugfix release is now available.

As always, please read the changes.txt file to see what has changed in this release.

Some points of interest for this release are are :

Changes in eDrive 0.2.2 (Bug Fix)

1. <strong>eDrive</strong> was creating a separate thread for each piece of content even when no action was required.

2. <strong>eDrive</strong> would incorrectly miss off the first character of a Repository Folder when creating the File System
   directory but ONLY when syncing Folders from the ROOT of the Repository.

Changes in eDrive 0.2.1

1. Connect to Repositories using SSL (https) even if you have not imported your server certificates.

Changes in eDrive 0.2.0

1. Only versionable Documents created or updated on the File System from the Repository, will result in Read Only versions
   being created. The exception to this, is any Document checked in or cancelled, check outs, will also result in Read Only versions
   on the file system. This is by design as versioned Documents should not be editable unless checked out. However, if you change
   the read only attribute on the file system you will still be able to modify the file and <strong>eDrive</strong> will handle
   the check in correctly.

2. A logic error has been fixed where new Document versions created in the Repository by third party apps or the Repository UI
   would not result in an updated version being created on the File system until <strong>eDrive</strong> was restarted.

3. At start up, if <strong>eDrive</strong> is unable to start a Synchroniser, it will determine if the Synchroniser was previously good, and re-queue
   it to restart in X number of seconds, defined by a new JVM property <em>-Dedrive.retry.seconds=<seconds></em> (Defaults to 300 seconds - 5 mins).

Please see the <em>changes.txt</em> file for both <strong>eDrive</strong> and <strong>eSync</strong> for changes and bug fixes in this release, also take a look at the <em>roadmap.txt</em> file to see what we are working on for future releases.


The EOSSOnline eDrive team

P.S. We would also like to ask any users who are trying out eDrive to leave comments on the eDrive Alfresco Add+ons page for other users.