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Uploading documents using cmis lib and python script

Question asked by prasobhraj on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by prasobhraj

I am uploading documents to alfresco using cmislib python. the same documents is used for wrokflows. in workflow i am updating the properties of document. But the document uploaded using the cmislib throwing an error

"071734568 Failed to execute transaction-level behaviour public abstract org.alfresco.repo.node.NodeServicePolicies$OnUpdatePropertiesPolicy.onUpdateProperties(org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.NodeRef,java.util.Map,java.util.Map) in transaction 19271184-99fd-46f0-9dbe-732c32e09acb"

when i did the task using same user(which i used to upload document by cmis) it shows no error.

if we upload directly the document to alfresco by any user then any user can do the task and properties are getting updated also.