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Faceted search customization

Question asked by itzamna on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by ddraper
I've created a new page which is a copy of the faceted search. I now want to accomplish the following: The search result should only consider documents (from cm:content or any particular other type from our custom content model). But no folders, datalists, forumposts, links, wikipages that may also contain the search term. Please see attachment.
What is the approach to get it working our way? How I can influence the the search itself?

This is the part of my current definition of the AlfSearchList. Not sure if that's the hook point?

// Build the searchDocLib model
// Docu:
var searchDocLib = {
   name: "alfresco/search/AlfSearchList",
   config: {
      viewPreferenceProperty: "org.alfresco.share.searchList.viewRendererName",
      view: viewRendererName,
      waitForPageWidgets: true,
      useHash: true,
      useLocalStorageHashFallback: true,
      hashVarsForUpdate: [
      selectedScope: "repo",
      useInfiniteScroll: true,
      siteId: null,
      rootNode: repoRootNode,
      repo: true,
      additionalControlsTarget: "FCTSRCH_RESULTS_MENU_BAR",
      additionalViewControlVisibilityConfig: hideOnZeroResultsConfig,
      widgets: [

Thanks for any hint on that!