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Lucene Searches involving the dash (-) character

Question asked by niele on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by niele
I'm doing some queries and processing using the Javascript Console and I've run into some trouble when my search term includes a dash (-) character. 

Here's a simplified example:

var rfx = 'RFT-TS-16-16';
var results = search.luceneSearch("@cm\\:name:\"" + rfx + "\"");

What I would like are matches where the name contains exactly "RFT-TS-16-16" but it's returning extra results such as "RFT-TS-16-12" so I'm not quite understanding how it is working.  I read that the escape character is '\' but searching for 'RFT\-TS\-16\-16" returns identical results.  Could someone please enlighten me?