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Parallel Gateway execution

Question asked by coyoteugly on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by coyoteugly
Hi to all, I'm trying to build an activiti workflow with a simply Parallel Gateway, something like about this:

Anyway I found really really really hard to find any documentation about parallel gateway implementation. I have big difficult to correctly write my custom content-model for this element and to the related part of code needed to web-form ( the share-workflow-form-config.xml file ). On the web I'm not able to find one example of workflow using parallel gateway, so I do not know how to proceed.
Reading the documentation, studying example, tutorial and the default simple workflow included in Alfresco Communuty edition I'm pretty able to work with the basics element for Alfresco workflow such as user and script task, exclusive gateways, ecc… Anyway I do not find any example of parallel gateway to study and analize in order to replicate on my process!

The only quote on alfresco documetation is here:
and it does not contain any code referece.

Does anyone can provide me a simply but complete example of process using parallel gateway included process definition, content model and web-form definitions?
Or alternatively, how can I find the needed specific to proceed write my content model and web-form definitions?

Thanks a lot.