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How to update cmis:name document??

Question asked by trompe on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by erny18031

I want to change cmis:name of a document, because before his name was 'PRUEBAS' and now I want that his name will be 'PRUEBAS_MODIFIED'.

I use Apache Chmistry PHP Library (phpclient) but…I can't change the cmis:name…

My code

$test  = new CMISService($repo_url, $repo_username, $repo_password);
$id = 'ddb6eabd-a862-4e6b-9251-32b6e73300d7';  //existing objectId of the document that his name now is PRUEBAS.

$obj = $test->updateProperties($id, array('cmis:name' => 'PRUEBAS_MODIFIED'));

var_dump($cmis_repo->getObject($obj->id)); // I see that cmis:name continue PRUEBAS instead of PRUEBAS_MODIFIED ¿why?