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It's possible modify the folder name with Chemistry PHP Library?

Question asked by trompe on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by erny18031
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It's possible modify the name of a folder with Apache Chemistry Php Library…maybe use updateProperties? Any example?

Because I try it but…not.


$id = 'a5981f42-c2b8-4ddf-864b-d1bdea0f2ec3';

$parent = $cmis_repo->getFolderParent($id);

var_dump($parent);  //cmis:name = "OLD_NAME"

$prop2 = array();
$prop2['cmis:name'] = "NEW_NAME";

$ole = $cmis_repo->updateProperties($parent->id, $prop2);
var_dump($ole); // the cmis:name continues "OLD_NAME"…

However I can change the description of the folder (cmis:description) but cmis:name I can't