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custom datalist and fme

Question asked by icm76 on Apr 23, 2013
I'm trying to use Alfresco's DataLists as a registration system where some details about started/in progress and completed workflows are entered automatically on each workflow step.

What I've done:
- created a custom datalist
- created the workflow and the script for entering data in the DataList
- installed FME latest dataList -
I have some problems/questions regarding permissions, filtering and exporting to excel, which you may be able to help me solve them:
1. permission - is there a way to hide some lists for certain users, maybe with a script related to
2. filtering - I'm not able to find any data from my custom datalist neither using the normal search nor the filtering features;
3. export to excel - it seems to work only for default lists and not custom lists.

(i'm attaching my model and workflow)

Please help.

Thank you,