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Alfresco forums migration

Question asked by resplin on Aug 25, 2016
As many of you know, we have struggled with spam in these forums. We believe that the long term solution is to migrate to a modern Alfresco social community. The new social community will have better protection against spammers, and provide a tight integration between Alfresco related content in the blogs, forums, wiki, and other areas. We discussed our plans during the last edition of Office Hours, which you can see here:

In September, these forums will be frozen while we complete the migration to the new platform. All content will be migrated to the new community, with out-of-date forum threads being marked as "Archived". All forum participants will have their accounts migrated to the new community, including their points for being helpful. A short time after the freeze, these forums will begin to redirect to the new community.

As part of the migration, we will be organizing things a bit differently. But the new social community provides good tools for changing the organization based on your feedback after we start using the new site.

Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in this thread, or you can send us an email at