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Maven SDK Issue

Question asked by hardik1512 on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by jpotts
Hello Friends,

I am trying to set development environment with below details.
Alfresco : EE 4.2.4
Maven SDK 1.1.1

But while creating repo-amp(mvn install) it shows below error.

Failed to collect dependencies at org.alfresco:alfresco-enterprise-repository:jar:4.2.4 -> org.activiti:activiti-explorer:jar:5.13-alf-20140708 ->
Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.thebuzzmedia:imgscalr-lib:jar:3.1: Could not transfer artifact com.thebuzzmedia:imgscalr-lib:pom:3.1 from/to buzzmedia ( failed to respond -> [Help 1]

I googled error and found this( It says: is down because imgscalr moved into Maven central repo - no additional "repository" tags needed, it's in the official Maven repo!

But I dont know how to fix this in alfresco.

Please let me help fix this issue. Attached is the error.