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Serious startup issue with 4.2.d community

Question asked by smcardle on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by ivan.plestina
Hi All

We have just upgraded to <strong>4.2.d</strong> and the startup time for the alfresco.war is <strong>REALLY REALLY BAD……</strong>

On our previous version, <strong>Community - v4.1.0 (4180)</strong> (this version was never officially released but we had an early release and got it working properly) the startup time was just a few minutes. This was upgraded from 3.4.x and we had no performance or startup issues with either…..

With this <strong>4.2.d</strong> release the Search subsystem startup is taking about <strong>half an hour!!!!</strong> What gives ???


2013-10-24 08:50:33,733  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Starting 'Authentication' subsystem, ID: [Authentication, managed, alfrescoNtlm1]
2013-10-24 08:50:33,905  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Startup of 'Authentication' subsystem, ID: [Authentication, managed, alfrescoNtlm1] complete
2013-10-24 08:51:14,835  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Starting 'Search' subsystem, ID: [Search, managed, lucene]
2013-10-24 09:22:26,778  WARN  [cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache] [localhost-startStop-1] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache' is full (125000).
2013-10-24 09:22:31,812  WARN  [cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache] [localhost-startStop-1] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
2013-10-24 09:22:31,865  WARN  [cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache] [localhost-startStop-1] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
2013-10-24 09:27:22,344  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Startup of 'Search' subsystem, ID: [Search, managed, lucene] complete
2013-10-24 09:27:23,562  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] [localhost-startStop-1] Starting 'thirdparty' subsystem, ID: [thirdparty, default]


As you can see from the above, the time taken to start the Search subsystem is 08:51:14,835 (Starting) to 09:27:22,344 (Complete) <strong>36 minutes !!! HOLY C%$P Batman……</strong> All of our installs have the same JVM settings and have 4gig heap allocated and they all run on Centos 6

We have Lucene configured as the index solution rather than SOLR on all our systems, with the exact same amount of data in each (millions or small records copied from a production instance) and went through a schema upgrade cycle to the new 4.2.d schema that completed successfully.

Because we run SQLServer 2008 as our DB, for each version upgrade I first copy and migrate the upgrade scripts from MySQL to make them SQLServer complient

(By the way, there is an issue in the code regarding upgrades in the - SQLServer returns "YES " - with a Space when checking the nullability of a column. To fix this change the parseBoolean method to the following - only the trim is really require here)

    private boolean parseBoolean(String nullableString)
        // TODO: what about (from the javadoc):
        // empty string — if the nullability for the parameter is unknown
        if (nullableString.trim().toLowerCase().equals("no"))
            return false;
        if (nullableString.trim().toLowerCase().equals("yes"))
            return true;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported term \"" + nullableString +
                    "\", perhaps this database doesn't use YES/NO for booleans?");

Some help here please people….. We really can't have a system taking over half an hour to start..