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Does an LDAP Sync create AlfrescoNTLM accounts?

Question asked by mkramer2 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by mkramer2
Dear forum,

I've recently started with an alfresco deployment at a university in germany and am battling with the authentication mechanisms.

The local directory service is OpenLDAP. Passwords are stored as hashes in LDAP. I would really like to use the CIFS functionality of Alfresco.
I will not be able to do that via OpenLDAP as authenticating instance.

If I use the syncing option and do not use the authentication option, does it actually replicate my directory into Alfresco and create local accounts with the password hashes saved as well? Would I be able to authenticate locally and thus use the CIFS server?

If so:
It will probably be a tough case to sell to our Directory Admin. So I need to know about the security of it all.
Where and how are the passwords stored? How safe is it to sync all users from the directory?