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Adding custom Aspect to new users

Question asked by srowsell on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by srowsell
I followed Jeff Potts' excellent recipe for adding a custom property (using a mandatory custom Aspect) to users (from here), and it works for my installation (4.1.2 Enterprise).  Sort of.  I can make persistent changes to whatever user I'm logged in as, but when I create a new user or edit from the Admin console there is no field for this new property.  I'm not surprised that this is the case, since I haven't modified any of the relevant templates other than the "Edit Userprofile" one found at userprofile.get.html.ftl.

My question, then, is what are the templates for the Admin console's New User and Edit User, and where can they be found?  I also suspect that some other code changes might be necessary to accomplish these changes, so if someone knows that I'd be glad to know as well.

EDIT:  I'm told that I'll also be using the "Upload User CSV File" option from the Admin console to upload a bunch of users, so I'll also need to modify that.