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Share Edit Form - Drop Down List Required / Mandatory Field

Question asked by jrjfresco on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by parzgnat

I have a question about drop down lists and required fields.  I have implemented a drop down list property in an edit form.  It is a field of type d:text with a constraint of a list of Allowed values.  It works, but I would like to enhance it.

Desired behavior:

I would like for the first value to be something indicating that the user needs to select something, like "– Please Select a Value –".  Then, when the user clicks Save, if the selected value is "– Please select a Value –" (the first one in the list and the default), they get a message stating that they need to select a value.  This is how I would like to implement Required or Mandatory fields with a drop down list.

Current State:

For now, I have configured the list to have a value of blank as the first value and it works, but I would like this value not to be blank, but rather tell the user that they need to select something.

Current configuration in custom model XML:
(note:  implemented mandatory=true with a blank value first.)

List Constraint:

<constraint name="mt:constraintDocStatusList" type="LIST">
    <parameter name="allowedValues">
      <value>Pending Review</value>
    <parameter name="caseSensitive">

Aspect Property:

<property name="mt:docStatusList">
      <constraint ref="mt:constraintDocStatusList" />

Thanks for any help you can provide.