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Alfresco Summit 2013 Save-the-Date and Call-for-Presenters

Question asked by jpotts Moderator on Apr 26, 2013
I am pleased to announce that Alfresco Summit (formerly Alfresco DevCon) will be held in Barcelona, November 4 - 7, and in Boston, November 12 - 15.

You should come to Alfresco Summit if:
    <li>You are an Alfresco customer looking to share your story, learn from others, and see the latest product innovations from Alfresco.</li>
    <li>You are an IT decision maker trying understand how agile ECM solutions like Alfresco can improve business processes and information management.</li>
    <li>You are a developer who installs, configures, and customizes Alfresco (regardless of edition, on-premise or cloud) and you need technical details directly from Alfresco’s Engineers and other experts from the community.</li>
    <li>You are driving a content management project, and want to learn best practices from experienced ECM practitioners.</li>
Honestly, if you are doing anything with our software, regardless of your job title, you should plan on attending. I mean, it's our annual conference–why would you want to miss that?

You can learn more about the conference, including how to submit a proposal to give a talk (submissions close June 15) by visiting the <a href="">Alfresco Summit</a> web page.

I hope to see you there!