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Override feedNOtifier or activities-service messages in ActivitiesFeed subsystem?

Question asked by pjaromin on Apr 27, 2013
Can someone please tell me if it's possible - and if so, how - to override the 'feedNotifier' bean in the ActiviesFeed subsystem?

I started simply attempting to override some messages in, but apparently the "ActivitiesFeed" subsystem is bootstraped after my AMP modules, so my message bundles with the same keys aren't overriding the OOB ones.

I attempted putting an in tomcat/shared/alfresco/messages but that didn't work either.

Ideally I'd like to override the FeedNotifierImpl with my own bean so I can make a couple more substantial tweaks. However I've yet to work out a way to accomplish this.

Has anyone done this - can anyone point me in the right direction?