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eDrive 0.3.0 has been uploaded

Question asked by smcardle on Apr 29, 2013
<strong>eDrive 0.3.0</strong> has be uploaded.

From this version, we will be adding more Repository functionality that is not necessarily Synchronisation related.

In previous versions we released eDrive with 'checkin', 'checkout' and 'cancel-checkout' commands that could be used by Clients. With this release we have added several more commands useful to clients, such as 'get version-history', 'get thumb-nails' and 'get document'. The 'get document' command is intended to allow clients to retieve one of the thumb-nails returned from the 'get thumb-nails' command but can just as easily be used to retrieve any Document from the Repository.

Please see the README.txt file for more details on these commands.

If you do find any issues or would like to see new features added, please create an issue on the eDrive Source Forge forum.