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Capacity Planning & Forecasting

Question asked by tarik2013 on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by jpotts
Hey Guys,

I am fairly new to Alfresco and am interested in using the Community version but have a few questions that I'm seeking answers to:

1) Can I transition to a Supported plan whilst using Community version if I choose to at a later point?
2) If yes, what would be the cost? If it is user based - approximately 500 users
3) What is the maximum users that this version can accomodate?
4) Is there an option for bulk user upload?
5) What is the largest file size that can be uploaded using this version?
6) What is the maximum amount of documents that can be maintained in the system?
7) What is the maximum storgage for the Community Version?
8) Can I make an 'archived' document available to a specific user or set of users?
9) Are any programming skills required for implementation and subsequent maintenance?
10) Does the Community have workflow for document circulation? [saw this on the website - but just want to know  
    for certain if this applies to Community]
11) If yes, what programming skills are required to configure / operate the workflow?
12) Will users be able to see a list or matrix of related documents?