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Share discussion email notification

Question asked by satsel on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by satsel

We have configured a share sites for each department in our organization and all discussion is done using share. I have configured every Share to send out email notifications like how it is explained here - In short, this is done using explorer which triggers email when a forum post (using spaces) is created/modified. This is working fine and its very useful. The email has the Post Title, Name of the user who created or replied to a post and the actual share link to that discussion.

What is missing (which is vital) is the actual message/post content. Is there any add-on or any other way I can also receive the actual message? This will help the users to quickly read the actual message without opening he share interface.

Prior to Alfresco share, we were using dedicated discussion boards like Project Pier, Drupal - Atrium and notifications was great in all these. In some even with email reply option. Though email reply is not important, message in the email body will really save time. Can someone help?